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29 February 1992
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Tiffany Huff.

random stuff.
I`m in the 9th grade at J. J. Kelly high school.
i`m a J. J. Kelly Varsity Cheerleader. :]
I`m 15 years young. :][Feb. 29, 1992. ]
I love God with all my heart& I'm a Christian.
I`m happily taken by Adam Dutton& he is the love of my life :]
I have hazel eyes that change sometimes.
I`m brunette[be jealous. ]
some people say i still have my summer tan.
summer is my favorite season.
I`m 5'5 1/2"& 107 lbs.
I watch way too many movies.
I love gymnastics& runnin`.
I`m not always as confident as I look.
I love listenin` to music. I listen to anything& everything.
I`m outgoing, no shyness.
i love each& every one of my friends with all my heart.
I talk alot.
I`m pretty funny.
I believe that I could live on chocolate& dr.pepper.
i`m a big procrastinator.
i can`t spell.
i love buyin` clothes, but i`d rather not wear them.
i`ve made alot of new friends this year.
i love when my legs are shaved, but i hate to shave them.
i hate to plug in my ipod to charge it or add songs.
i never charge the batteries in my camera.
i love takin` pics.
i think gettin` on adults nerves is funny.
drama = hate. [not the class. ]
my favorite bone is my hip bone& my collar bone is my least favorite.
i hate when people buttt into other peoples business.
i don`t like it when i`m sick.
i can`t sing, but i do it all the time.
i love to dance.
American Eagle is my favorite store.
my fingers& toes are always movin`.
when i laugh, i usually can`t stop.
i have very long, boney fingers.
my nails are always painted black.
i have a good relationship with my family.
i like to watch disney channel& nickelodeon.
i hate gettin` up early.
i get nervous easily.
i love adam`s nose, thumb& chuckle.
i have too many nicknames too keep up with.
i don`t have a favorite food; but i like chinese& mexican alot!
me& adam argue about dumb stuff& a simple i love you, i`m sorry fixes it.
i straighten my hair almost all the time.
i`m pretty flexible.
i don`t like to wear shoes.
i know almost every word to every song, i`ve heard.
i make good grades in school.
i`m a very jealous person.
i cry easily.
i love goin` out on saturday nights.
i like puttin` on lotion.
random i love you`s are the best ones. :]
i never ask for another person`s advice unless i need it bad.
i trust people easily, but don`t lose it cause it`s hard to gain back.
i wish i had my own tv show.
i love hott pink, silver& orange.
textin` is my favorite thing to do on my cellular.
i have a unique way of speakin`.
i love when adam sings to me, even though he doesn't have the best voice in the world ; i love it. :]
i like to make a wish at 11:11.
i`m superstitious.
i can`t pronounce superstitous well.
i like goin` to the pool, rather than swimmin` in my one at home.
if i am upset or mad, i don`t show it til i get home.
i never have money.
people might think i`m stuck up when they first meet me ; i`m not.
i hate when i bleed, cause i`m scared it won`t stop.
i`m a huge chicken!
i`ve been to the bahamas& swam with dolphins there.
i`ve been to new york, twice.
i always say whats on my mind.
i don`t like when people brag.
i like to make the, "what are you talkin` about? " face.
i hate bein` tall.
i`m never organized.
i can`t hold a grudge ; i hate fightin`.
when people yell at me, i cry.
i always read the last sentence in a book before i read the first word.
i`ve never read all of the harry potter books, but i say i`m goin` to every year.
i like to watch basketball, baseball& football games.
i`m easy to get along with.
i tell amber adams everything.
my sister is one of my best friends.
i wish i had never quit takin` guitar lessons.
i have certain ocd`s.
i love tryin` new things.
sometimes, i don`t like a song til the second time i hear it.
even though i make good grades, i have trouble payin` attention.
i talk too fast sometimes& sometimes too slow.
i`m hyper like all the time.
i`d rather go out to eat with my mom, because she's the only one willing to go to a new restaurant.
i hate poppin` my nuckles& back but i do it all the time.
my friends bring out the kid in me.
i love lipgloss.
i love wakin` up on my own, not when someone wakes me up.
i love surprises.
i love my dog, baylor.
i am determined that when i grow up, i will have 2 girls& a boy, named ryleigh shea, kaylen mckay& aiden blake.
i can`t win a game of free cell to save my life.
i kinda want to take karate.
i can`t get my hair to do what i want, when i want.
i buy a new pair of underwear almost everytime i go to a clothing store.
i don`t think i look good in polos. before i go to sleep, i spray adam`s ax on my pillow.
new comments,pic comments& textes excite me.