i am up way too early ; like 9:45!
well, adam won`t freakin` wake up. . i don`t really know why i`m updatin` this, but i might as well.
myspace is gettin` boring but it definately has more people on there, than on here. shew ; i wish i could go back to sleep or someone could come up today, but everyone already has plans, which sucks massively. there is absolutely nothing on tv.

anyone wanna do somethin` tonight?
lemme know :]


I haven`t updated in FOREVER!! well Amber`s over&&has been since Friday...We got snowed in so she couldn't leant haha* Me,Amber&&Cody went out in the snow today...It was SOOO fun!! when we first got out there we slid down my hill once on our butts, then went half way up the hill and me&&Amber rolled down all the way to my mamaw`s and Cody followed. Me&&Amber knocked on Mamaw's door and Papaw answered and i made him out my hood back up cause my hair looke like crap!!! me Cody&&Amber made snow angels in Mamaw and Papaw's yard then went back up to my house and slid down the hill on a steep pat on our stomachs and on the way back up amber was infront of me and she slid and i fell on top of her and we slid all the way back down!! we slid down again on our stomachs then went in to take showers and Cody went down his house to change* Me&&Amber then found out we had no straightener cause Aundii to it to Gatlinburg with Sydney!! so our hair is like uh fuzzyish and wavy...awefull!! I was talkin to E. Bobby on Yahoo but his mamma made him get off =[ he's so cool...even though him and amber don't like eachother cause they think the other one hates the stupid i know!! well i'm not talkin to anyone on ICQ but i was talkin to Alli Kosmiski(sp) She's from Pennsylvania(i think) she's purdycool...but me&&Amber are really tired and gotta get up to straighten our hair for the Winter Jame at church tomm.....ttyl*
 LYM bye*
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whats up amiguitas? nuttin much here juss listenin to a cd i made...Amber-Gale*sry amber had to call you that* has the same one well almost it has a song on there that i don't have cause well i don't like it very much...well the past few days have been weird....suposedly i was datin two 6th graders at the same time =/ weird i know...and i didn't even know one of the guys but yea i wasn't to clear that up...Amber-Gale juss called me...haha* she's singin funny*no offence amber* haha* well if your wondering the two guys were Andrew Laney&&Robbie Hamilton...don't know the Robbie guy...but well yea whatever that's over&&done...HAHA* i made a video in spanish| today and we were singin La Cucuracha* and Mr.S *mr.sumpter* was singin and it was real can ask anyone...oh yea Jonathan Baker got into this one song called Eres Tu! haha* it was funny...ya'll shoulda seen spanish everyday me, Amber-Gale, and Ranger Joe eat crackers and pretzels haha* Amber-Gale is comin over on Friday to watch the premier of High School premiers at 8/7central so watch it!! it's gonna be GOOD well me&&Amber-Gale thinks so cause Zac Efr0n is juss so darn danged sexxii* haha* shew i think i might go to the bowlin alley tomm but well i juss don't know yet...i'm gonna update prolly later tonight and its gonna be retarded but well i told Amber-Gale, Lauren&&Alex that i was gonna do it a LONG time ago so i'm goin to tonight =] well yea in math today Alex Maine made a video with my camera and he was squishin peoples was s00000 funny haha* i'll update bye*


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| haven`t updated |n f0rever!! well |`m watch|n The Wizard 0f 0z!! thas a c00l m0v|e* and 0h my gawd s0 |s The Chr0nicles 0f Narn|a: The l|0n the W|tch and The Wardr0be!! s0me pe0ple at the "0rtid0nist" went t0 see |t 0n Fr|day!! | l0ved |t especially when Peter Pevensie*aka W|ll|am M0seley* g0t wet when he fell |n the r|ver * heck yes Abner* haha* shew we had s00 much fun at the "0rtid0nist"...| can`t remember s0me 0f the qu0tes but they are 0n </a></a>amberjack_05  |f y0u wanna see s0me...|`ll get 0n there and c0py&&paste haha* 0r smm0 a|n`t that r|ght Alex?  haha*</font>

0kay here`s s0me qu0tes fr0m Abner`s j0urnal:

--Peter Pettigrew got his ticket wet?*
--oooo alex!*
--Gimme a piece of THAT!!*
--FOR NARNIA!!!!!*
--Are you with me?*;till death my friend
--oh abner he would hurt!!*

--Lauren your caressing it*

--did you get in trouble for breakin it?*

--omg Chris me&&abner juss got back from narnia*

--light as a feather STICK as a board *HAHA*

--Abner, where are my doritios? * i said that like a thousand times...literally*

--William mine abner, you have Liam and Lauren&&Alex are sharin Daniel

--I get his right ball&&right cheek and you get his left ball&&left cheek *Alex and Lauren*

--I`m gonna talk like this for the rest of the night * in an english accent*

--no repeats with the website like last year!!!!!

--I`d tap that!! *haha*

--I can`t believe your eye won`t open any farther Katie!!

--those Optical Illusions SCARED me!!

--not to be mean Kara but you need to leave * Abner to Jade`s friend*

--me&&Lauren are cool cause we aren`t wearin shoes!!


--My name is Josh *clap clap* I give great hugs *clap clap*

--I'm hungry again!!

--omg there`s a new POCKET!!

--UNDERNEATH!! *abner*

--OMG S**** and J*** are here!! * i stared these out cause it was too dicussting to put!!!*

--SHE IS GETTIN ON MY NERVES!! *everyone said this like a thousand times!!*

--Look at his FIREBOLT!!!* --Are you mad??* its a beaver its not sposed to say anything!!* *in a british accent* --*THRONE* *mine&&Abner`s part* --OMG ELMI-DATE IS ON!!* --look mrs. beaver waddles!!* --like a black "dock" on a white coffin --Lions are sexii!!* --Tanner's mine --That was a good un!* lol --the picture(cough cough abner!*) --me and kayla are famous b/c kayla was on that's so raven and i fought off tigers...ok they were --that 1 time at band camp there was this flute! --(gagging) what are they doing now? *me&&Lauren whispering* EWWWW gross! --clowns! --secret santa* --my humps my humps! --go cheese(abner's version) --gomez is sooooo slow!! --smmo!!* --the cavity is in the tooth!


That`s all | can th|nk 0f and steal fr0m Abner s0...there sh0uld be m0re but we f0rg0t cause |t was t00 fun t0 remember!!

shew that was al0t 0f an undate f0r me haha*

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Hey whats up? nuttin much's 7:50a.m!* i can't belive i woke up that early!! I had lots of fun in `Gatlinburg*. We went ice skatin and right when we got thr i couldn't stand up...i got good after a while and i saw this lil girl that was juss standin thr holdin onto the bar and she juss all the sudden fell (she was still hangin onto the bar) and goes "Oh No MAMAW!!" i laughed soooooo hard...and i think she knew i was laughin at her but i couldn't help it...then `me* `mom* and `aundi* got in the middle and started doin spins and i was gettin purdy good so i was gonna do one goin fast (not a good idear for me) so i told `mom to watch and `aundi* went to the bathroom and i went to do it got hlf way through with the spins and fell right on my butt and i COULD NOT get up i tryed like an obergillion(mom's word lol*) times..the zambonie guy had to cme out thr and help me ut i got up right before he got to me HAHA!! i got good at spins then i tried to lift my leg in the air behind me....i was good lol* j/k but i was okay......thas purdy much all that happened.....i'm soo eFFin bored...i am the only one awake!! i think i'm gonna go take a shower since everyone is asleep...maybe i can wake some of them up HAHA!! yea well i'm gonna go do that...leave me some comment plaze(sound it out) lol*


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(no subject)

Hey ya'll it's been a while since i updated hasn't it? shew i'm really bored and listenin to this song that `Carrot* told me to download called californication by the red hot chilli peppers...its purdy cool i think...ya'll need to start leavin me comments cause i don't wanna feel like a dork juss updatin and noone readin it...which is purdy much what i'm doin....well `Jade* made my LJ hello kitty and i love it!! well i think `Mr. Sumpter* HATES me cause i am like too hyper for him or sumthin and i ask stupid questions...but oh well he can hate me it ain't gonna make me sad....but he did say if i "acted up" again i was goin to the office but who cares he can't take away my birFday now can he? well nuttin really much has happened i don't guess...i'm on icq talkin to `Jade* and `Alex Meade* Aundi's goin to a party tonight (`Jacki Christian's* party that is) so i'm gonna be here all by my lil lonesome....`Me*, `Mom*, and `Aundi* are goin ice skatin tomorrow in `Gatlinburg*(i think) it's gonna be fun i think...because we get to go to the mall too...heehee* `Me* and `Mom* will prolly go to like `Goody's* or somethin after we take `Aundi* to the party....`Carrot* made me a lil' hippy bus with like lil' candy wrappers on's really cute lol* shew i'm sooo hyper today...and i was at gymnastics last night too...i did two backhand springs in a row(spot was standin thr) and my side ariel(by my self), and a cartwheel backhand spring step out(spot was thr) and `Hannah* did her backhand spring by her self (yay `Hannah*) lol* i hope i can get my tuck real soon cause i can jump high...i really wanna get moved up to all stars soon...but enough gymnastics* and for the record i didn't make `Chris* break his hand...he did that on his own!! and the reason he did it was not cause i turned him down cause i didn't...i told him i didn't want a b/f right now...which i don't.......okay? um...i'm watchin Grounded For Life...i love this show its funny lol* but it juss went off and now i'm watchin somethin on MTV...shew ya'll leave me some comments kay? i'm gonna go


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Hi again

um...thrs not really much to update about...Lauren spent the night here last night and we were on both phone lines talkin to ronnie and chris on one phone and tim on the other...we kept switchin phones lol* now i'm bored though cause Lauren left and i'm juss sittin here tryin to find a ride to either the ba or the movies...i'm not too successful LoL* uh Jade fixed my journal again...hello kitty is the shizzit!! we went on a field trip Friday and it was purdy fun but we had to folk dance 0_o i know(i stole that lil face from tim lol) Seth, Kayla, Jasmine, and Carly bug r comin up purdy soon...i'll prolly end up takin more pics cause they juss got here LoL* i need to go watch a movie or somethin i'm dyin of boredom...i'm on icq talkin to Lauren, Tim, Kenny, and Rowan...noone is on yahoo so i ain't talkin to noone on thr and i ain't talkin on the phone so...thrs not much to do!!...i wanted to see if i could stay the night at clarissa's tonight if i couldn't get a ride to the movies or the ba but mom and dad always say "no!" so i juss might as well not even bother askin...LoL* well i better get off here and go play with them a bit before i get in trouble!!*

leave 'em.......i.l.y.




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what is up? nuttin much here juss sittin here with amber jade and talkin to chris and ben on icq...we lost real big in tha game and amber jade walked around with Robert tha whole time...and we stopped and talked to Carrot and them a few times and we talked to ben,chris, cody s, kayla, lauren,alex, barger,weston, josh s, sometimes baker, kenny, stephanie, and destinee at the t-shirt sellin place!! i wore carrot's jacket tha whole time too he told me to hold it but i wore it instead...(i hope he didn't freeze) me and amber jade are freezin to death...its cizzold!!LoL* Robert tricked amber into thinkin he had aids and she was runnin from him the whole time thinkin u could get aids from touchin eachother and she is so gulible!!* i juss started talkin to Torence on icq...she's cool...Amber jade's tryin to dance golddigger HAHA!!* and she's singin into the telerphone!! shew well i'm bizzored and amber's pokin me with the phone....chris is bein perverted as!! well me and amber's gonna try to take pics so come to my photobucket later to see if we uploaded any my name thing is tiffany_jade10

lizzuv yizza'll(lol*)   

-*tiffany_jade*-                 --*leave 'em

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Hi again!!*

what it is ho? whats up? (i did that for Jadie*) we were tryin to act like wiggers while we were typin on tha comp in ms. tiller's class today...Haha!!* She kept sayin guess what? and i was like what and she would go

back seat windows up
that's the way you like to fu**
clogged up fog alert rip the pants and rip the shirt
ruff sex make it hurt
in the garden all in the dirt
roll around Georgia brown that's the way that I like it twerk
legs jerk, over worked, under paid, but don't be afraid
in the sun or up in the shade
on the top of my Escalade
 and she was doin that like every time she saw me it was so funny!!* She's so funny anyways. We voted for 8th grade superlatives today...i ain't tellin who i voted for though haha!!* well i'm on icq talkin to Jade, Ben, Jordan B, Tim, Torence(from orlando), Josh(from ohio) , Alex and Hunter!!* Carly Bug is still here...she is cryin cause we won't let her rub her sucker on tha mirror...Haha!*now she's playin with these toy carebears so she's happy again...Teceeola better hurry it up and get here!!* Shew i wanna tryout for cheerleadin kinda but i don't think i'll make it because i don't seem like tha person that would be a cheerleader ya know? well enough of Tecee and tha kids juss left...i took sum pics of them i hope they turned out good...i wanna put them on my photobucket....i have like way many more pics of carly than any of them...LoL* well i'm gonna go upload them...


Luv ya'll,

-*tiffany_jade*-                     Leave 'em!!*

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Hey!!* whats up? nuttin much here...juss listenin to ya'll like my icon? i do!!* "don't be jealous" I love that!! LoL* i would put sum pics on here but I think they r ugly so u can go to to see them...Shew i hate my phone...everytime i'm on tha phone with sumone it messes up when another person calls and it like bustes ur eardrums!!* i hate it!! It juss did that and i was on tha phone with Amber Jade and it hung me and her retarded!!*well i'm on yahoo talkin to Will Gipe...he's so cool...and i'm talkin to Chris M on icq...i'm extremely bored and i don't get to go to tha game so that is very suckyish!!* i wanted to go so bad!! ahhhh that sucks!!* I feel like a playa....i like 4 guys.....that is bad cause i flirt with all of them....but i like them all!!* ah enough of that...i g2g luv ya'll leave me comments!!*


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